About Us


Weaver Industries was founded in 1971 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization providing individuals with disabilities vocational training and employment opportunities. The Weaver name stems from Carlene Weaver and even though we do not know a lot about her we do know that she was a strong advocate for individuals with disabilities and was instrumental in improving the lives of many individuals with disabilities in Summit County by advocating for meaningful vocational opportunities.

It's been over 40 years but the Weaver Industries Board of Directors and Administration still champion Carlene's passion and we continue to strive for increased training, opportunities and earnings for the individuals we serve. Weaver continues to expand our services provided to customers throughout Northeast Ohio in the course of the operation of distinct business divisions.


At Weaver Industries, our staff is committed to meeting the unique and challenging needs of those who seek vocational training and self-sufficiency. If you have any questions concerning Weaver Industries or how you can support our mission, please call (330) 379-3660 or fill out the form on the Contact page of the web site.

Support Staff

Jeffrey S. Johnson
Executive Director
Carla McDonald
330.379.3660 ext 268
Valerie Garner
Human Resources Director
330.379.3660 ext 267
Denise Balko
Marketing and Communications Manager
330.379.3660 ext 259
Carol Flunoy
Training and Advocacy Support Manager
330.379.3660 ext 261
Joe Buit
General Manager - ProPak
330.793.3660 ext 301
Jack Skinner
General Manager - SecurShred
330.745.2400 ext 501
Kevin Werthmuller
General Manager - TruClean
330.379.3660 ext 260