Our mission is to maximize the independence &
personal fulfillment of individuals with developmental disabilities through community, business, & family partnerships. We provide this through vocational training
& employment opportunities.

Containers & Bins

Console Cabinets

Weaver Industries - SecurShred - Containers & BinsThe New Regal 35” cabinet looks like a piece of office furniture and blends nicely into almost any office environment.

Its small footprint (19” x 17” x 35”) and flat top is great for placement almost anywhere and will easily accommodate items such as fax machines, printers or any other small office equipment. With a 90 pound capacity and advanced design, it holds huge quantities of paper and virtually eliminates loose paper inside the cabinet.

Collection Bins

The European style collection bin has been designed to provide high capacity collection, yet maintain a sleek, stylish look within any office setting. Comes in a soft gray color that blends easily into most decors. Two sizes are available (65 or 95 gallon) to fit your needs.

Weaver Industries - SecurShred - Containers & BinsThe 65 gallon bin utilizes an internal locking key mechanism that eliminates sharp edges and provides for easy access to the paper slot. It holds up to 250 pounds of paper.

The 95 gallon bin utilizes an external hasp locking mechanism locked with high quality, Wilson Bohannan brass padlocks. A huge capacity (up to 350 lbs), yet surprisingly stylish and able to fit through all standard office doorways.

Central Collection Containers

Weaver Industries - SecurShred - Containers & BinsOur Central Collection Bins provide huge capacity for high volume offices or periodic purges. At 175 gallon and a capacity of up to 600 pounds, it can handle those times when the regular collection bins just aren’t big enough. Still, with its four large (4”) wheels on full swivel castors, it moves surprisingly easily around the office and fits through standard size office doorways. Take it right to the storage room. No need to carry paper to the container. Fill it up, lock the lid and roll it back to the dock for Weaver-SecurShred to haul away.

High Quality Is Our Goal

Continuing our commitment to excellence, Weaver Industries' ProPak division is proud to have obtained ISO 9001:2008 certification!

The ISO 9001:2008 quality management standard establishes an effective quality management program for manufacturing companies and includes such important components as customer satisfaction and establishing processes for continuous improvement.