Our mission is to maximize the independence &
personal fulfillment of individuals with developmental disabilities through community, business, & family partnerships. We provide this through vocational training
& employment opportunities.

The Weaver Advantage

Weaver Industries - The Weaver AdvantageWith Weaver you can keep your staffing lean, utilize your existing workers more efficiently and simplify your outsourcing by working with one source/vendor; all while knowing that your work is helping to provide a vocation and training for individuals with disabilities in your community.

In today's business environment, companies need to find a way to become more competitive. That's where Weaver Industries can provide your business with a multitude of strategic business advantages.

We will provide your company with qualified workers and professional business services that will give you an edge over your competition. As Summit County's largest employer of workers with disabilities, our diversified labor pool is specially trained to meet your labor and contracting needs.

  • Diversified Work Force
  • Twenty Five Years Experience
  • Eight Area Workcenters
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Pick-Up / Delivery
  • Flexible Production Schedules
  • Fast Order Turnaround
  • Professional Service

Understanding Commensurate Wage

This video is a valuable tool in telling community rehabilitation programs' stories about the positive impact disability service providers have on the lives of people with disabilities as well as the training and skill building successes experienced by the people with disabilities who use those services

Industries We Serve

Weaver Industries processes and delivers more than 250 orders per month for area businesses. Please contact one of our sales representatives to see how we can make an impact on your production schedule!

Retail Packaging 34%
Plastic Assemblies 16%
Custom Services 12%
Bulk Packaging 11%
Manufacturing 7%
Labeling 6%
Collation 5%
Sorting 4%
Metal Assemblies 3%
Inspection / Repackaging 2%
Shrink Wrapping 1%

High Quality Is Our Goal

Continuing our commitment to excellence, Weaver Industries' ProPak division is proud to have obtained ISO 9001:2008 certification!

The ISO 9001:2008 quality management standard establishes an effective quality management program for manufacturing companies and includes such important components as customer satisfaction and establishing processes for continuous improvement.